Classic Prosciutto

Cappola Classic Prosciutto hams are cured for a minimum of “nine" months in our climate controlled drying rooms, and utilize only natural ingredients – no nitrites or other preservatives are employed in the manufacturing process. Cappola Classic Prosciutto hams are given the same care and attention to detail that has been used for over a century, to truly embody the essence of authentic Italian tradition. For a truly genuine Italian eating experience, try Cappola sliced Prosciutto draped over melon, or wrapped around fresh figs!

Cappola Classic Prosciutto hams are available in a “banjo-style” shape, (“bone-in”, “boneless and “skinless/shankless”), or pressed into “square” pieces. This product is also sold in pre-sliced “modified atmosphere” and “vacuum” packaged retail and food service formats.

Grand Reserve Prosciutto

In this high quality prosciutto ham, Cappola Food has introduced age-old Parma-style manufacturing techniques to Canada, using the acclaimed processes of the great masters of Parma, Italy. With no added nitrites or preservatives, Cappola Grand Reserve Prosciutto is hand selected, and then hung to cure for a minimum of “12 months”. It is during this extended aging process that our Grand Reserve Prosciutto is further enhanced to deliver the sweetness and tenderness that can only be achieved with time.

Cappola Grand Reserve Prosciutto hams are available in a “banjo-style” shape, (“bone-in”, “boneless” and “skinless and shankless”), or pressed into “square” pieces. It is also sold in pre-sliced vacuum-packaged retail formats.

Dry-Cured Boneless Prosciutto

Cappola Dry-Cured Boneless Prosciutto hams are made from premium quality cuts of fresh pork. Our expert butchers first trim and massage the hams, and then hand-rub the surfaces with coriander and juniper spices to infuse the finished product with unique flavours. These delicious hams are cured and aged over a 60-day time period. Try our Dry-Cured Boneless Prosciutto in an antipasto tray, or diced into a fresh salad or pasta sauce.

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