Stone-Baked Rosemary Ham

Cappola’s Stone-Baked Rosemary Ham is the newest and most exciting addition to our fully-cooked line of products. Our Rosemary Ham is hand-rubbed with spices, coating the ham as it bakes in our fire-brick oven, to create a delicious aroma and delightfully tender meat texture. Made from premium whole-muscle ham cuts, our Rosemary Ham is very high in meat protein. Its truly distinctive flavor profile makes this item a great addition to any grilled sandwich and it may also be served wrapped around asparagus sprouts on an antipasto platter.


Cappola Mortadella is a classic Italian favourite. Our Mortadella is slowly baked in our unique fire-brick oven to bring out the subtle aromas and smooth flavor that is derived from our spices and oils which have been prepared using ancient recipes. Try our Mortadella in a grilled panini sandwich, or sauté strips of Mortadella and layer them on top of a warm antipasto salad.

Cappola Mortadella is also available “with Pistachio nuts”, as well as in a hand-tied traditional product format utilizing a natural casing.

Prosciutto Cotto

Cappola Prosciutto Cotto (Cooked Ham) is a delicately flavored authentic Italian deli meat. Manufactured with quality raw materials and blended with herbs and spices, our Prosciutto Cotto is extremely lean and high in meat protein. Its unmistakable savoury taste brings Italian “flare” to a simple sandwich, and adds a touch of authenticity to any Italian dish!


Cappola Capocollo is prepared in the traditional Italian style, using the finest cuts of meat. The pork collar butts are carefully trimmed and massaged, and the spices are hand rubbed to infuse the flavor. The superior taste and exquisite quality of our Cappola Capocollo is the result of the attention to detail employed in the manufacturing process. Try it as a pizza topping, or as an addition to a grilled panini roll.

Available in both “hot” and “sweet” varieties.

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